Living Future


Melissa Hoffman, Founder, Executive Director
Melissa Hoffman is the Founder and Executive Director of LivingFuture Foundation, and the creative driver behind its flagship project, Teal Farm. Melissa established LivingFuture Foundation in 2002 and purchased the Teal Farm property in 2003. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College, and conducted graduate studies in Film and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Chicago. She began her professional career on the editorial staff of the Christian Science Monitor, started an organic farm and apprenticeship program for women, and later became an editor and writer for the award-winning What is Enlightenment? magazine. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the magazine's founding organization, EnlightenNext.

Amy Seidl
Amy Seidl, PhD, is the former Associate Director of LivingFuture Foundation, and is currently promoting her newly-released book, Early Spring (February, 2009, Beacon Press). In addition to overseeing the Foundation’s research and renewable energy policy work, Amy was the recipient of a 2-year, LivingFuture writing fellowship.

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